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Crime in Jamaica - By: Sydney Ying

The crime rate in Jamaica has always been on the higher side, but in the past 20-30 years it has gotten much worse, and it is now at a point where it could be considered dangerous to visit the country. Gangs, the government, the police, and some of the locals are all a part of why Jamaica is such a crime-filled country. The port and Falmouth aren’t the issue, it’s the other parts of Jamaica that have the gangs who are associating with political parties that then impact the entirety of Jamaica.   In the first 6 days of 2018, Jamaica experienced: 38 murders, 16 shootings, and 17 robberies. “Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced a state of emergency for St. James Parish on Thursday (1/18) and deployed the military to the area amid a rise in violent crime.” (CNN, 1) Because these were based off of issues within the country, tourists were never caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, over the last year, these shootings have been getting closer to more populated touris…

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